Sunday, 12 February 2012

Life Is Good

and do you know what, life is pretty good.  Ok, so I have no money but the rest of my life is pretty much just how I like it.  The dogs are all doing great.  I have put Kai and JC on Yumove and it is working wonders for them, both dogs had been showing a little stiffness in their back legs from time to time but that is all sorted now. 

The first few show schedules have come out and the excitement has started - although my iss account is looking decidedly in the red but then so is everyone else's LOL. We have the lovely friendly Carn Brea to start with which will be a 'lets see if Wren can remember what a contact is at a show' and see whether the handling is better.  If it is, then roll on the rest of the season, if not then I will now what else we need to work on.  

Last year I was training virtually every weekend but this year I have done things very differently.  I train at a weekend maybe twice a month, either a private lesson or a workshop.  Otherwise I train once a week on a Tuesday on full courses to get used to running them and working out the handling.  This has meant that I can spend a lot more time with Gary and I have really enjoyed it.  We have discovered lots of walks that we have never tried before and the dogs have loved it although secretly I am sure he cannot wait for my season to start so he gets the remote back! 

I set up a raw feeding group on facebook a couple of weeks ago and I am amazed by the response, I wanted somewhere for people to ask questions, have a yap but for it not to be holier than thou but just swopping ideas and respecting each other.  Really seems to have worked and we are helping lots of new people to raw feeding who haven't had the guts to take the plunge before.  It is a well known fact though that my dogs eat better than me though but I won't drone on about feeding as I am a bit of geek when it comes to feeding my dogs. 

Its my birthday next weekend, first time it has been at a weekend for years.  Gary has been wonderful and bought me two tickets to Crufts as well as best in show tickets - just awesome and I cannot wait to spend the whole day up there with my partner in crime, Lolly.  Its gonna be a blast.  On that note bye for now.

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